I see, you must put up a YouTube video of how to snap. You know, for the less fortunate like myself.

ok can i borrow a high speed motion capture camera?

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i dont know how the hell some people can do it with just their thumb and index… something i havent quite figure out. but i can on occasion snap with my pinky. but no matter what my left hand will not snap… it just sounds like utter dissapointment

It’s all about how firm your thumb muscles are after the slip and how long you hold the flex. i’m a brilliant flexematician so you can trust my guidance

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i managed to do my index and middle and my middle and ring finger. so i can do two consecutive snaps on one hand.

i use my thumb and middle finger on both hands because they make the most satisfying sound out of all my other fingers. I can also produce a snap with my ring and index fingers as well, but they aren’t as crisp. That’s right folks. Tonight we’re blogging about the elements of snapping.

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another fun fact, i had to train myself to snap with my right hand. took a whole summer, and some finger blisters but i did it!

okay so HERE’S a good question: Which two fingers do you snap with? or do you use more than just two fingers??

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if it makes ya feel better i cant snap with my left hand… its weird…

I can! Gotta love arbitrary adaptations

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It’s still there I was just playing it some the other day

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What is Marsh? Did you return it? What book?

it’s a supermarket
yes. my mom made me apologize
i only remember that it was a pop-up book

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i can’t whistle and it frustrates me a lot. i feel like there’s some secret to it that everybody is keeping from me

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one time i went to el salvador and traveled up a mountain with a bunch of doctors in an old school bus to this place in citala and i passed out GI meds in this tin roof open air gymnasium to people while eating papusas at cloud level. it was a pretty good time

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i went through a phase where i was obsessed with the entire wicked soundtrack. the phase never actually ended

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My first job was a service clerk at a local walmart when i was 16 and i somehow convinced one of the managers to let me play guitar when it was slow. I was so bad at that job too idk why anyone let me do that

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There used to be this beat up old piano sitting out in one of the hallways at herron right next to the soda machine and I would always go play mario songs on it instead of watching the computer lab when i worked there because it was so dead all the time. I don’t know whether it’s still there now.

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I stole a children’s book from Marsh when i was four.

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i am good at making customers like me

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i never really did it for father

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